Beatrice Aguilar

French and spanish, passionate of the scent world since her childhood in Toulouse.

Beatrice played silently, smiling, as if inspired. She invented games to help her recognize fragrances. The young Beatrice classified and memorized them. At that time, she never imagined where these games would lead. Some time later she discovered the world of the great classic perfumes; Chanel N.º 5, Chanel N.º 19, L’Air du Temps, Shalimar, Opium… etc. and, fascinated, she learned to recognize them. Her childhood games had developed further. Now she tried to guess which perfumes people were wearing. The game became a challenge and then a passion.

From Toulouse, where she was born, she decided to go and take a course in higher chemistry at the University of Science in Montpellier, specializing in perfumes, aromas and cosmetics. In her student days, she spent her summers in Grasse, capital of eastern Provence and world centre for the perfume industry. There, she put into practice theories she had learned at the university.

In Grasse, Beatrice’s dreams became a reality. She was able to work alongside master perfumers such as Marcel Carles of the Grasse Society of Perfumers, who offered her all the raw materials used in the creation of fragrance. In this way, she followed Jean Carles’ methods in recognizing the prime natural and synthetic ingredients. She completed her thesis in the creative laboratory of Antonio Puig in Barcelona. There, Beatrice remembers the great privilege of working under Rosendo Mateo and Elizabeth Vidal. Her life revolved around meetings with prestigious masters in the art of perfume who, in turn, generously shared their knowledge with this enthusiastic young lady.

then she adopted Barcelona.

The moment had arrived to decide where to live. France and Spain were her two countries and her roots were in the cities of Toulouse and Barcelona. The aromas of the Mediterranean won her over. The famous Barcelona perfumer, Agusti Vidal, of the Dragoco company, wanted her to be his assistant. Beatrice became the “nose”, perfumery-business slang for the specialists who, thanks to their knowledge of the structure and notes in a fragrance are able to give a critical evaluation of the composition.

A short time later, they started working together, which they would do for almost a decade, with another highly influential firm, Eurofragrance. At this time, Beatrice discovered the world outside the laboratory and her trips to Paris, Milan and Madrid and her relationship with the people who would wear the perfumes, created a need for greater involvement in everything to do with the scents, from their very creation to the moment of contact with the skin wearing it.

There were aromas and beauty but within her there was still a need to take another, greater step forward. It was a risk, it was new and now it was vital. How could this vital necessity take shape? It had to be both aromatic and artistic. Her search for the best perfumers began; she knew that oil and canvas could mix very well.

If life is art, she was convinced that this was the path to follow. In this way, she saw Scent on Canvas as a biographical project, born from the love of life and pulsating among aromas, colours and shapes.

A few "olfaction" photos throughout these last 30 years!

19 years old in Grasse (societe Grassoise de Parfumerie-France)

24 years old in Barcelona (Eurofragance)

40 years old in Barcelona (Scent on canvas)

41 years old in Barcelona (Scent on canvas)

42 years old in Barcelona (Scent on canvas)

43 years old in Barcelona (Scent on canvas)

45 years old in Barcelona (Eurofragance)

46 years old in Barcelona (Cuarto sentido)

47 years old in Barcelona (perfumer consulting)