noir de Mars

Every path is open to he who vibrates to the authentic aroma of oud.

Jordi Fernandez is captivated by the orient as the orient captivates him, to the point at which they become one in his most prestigious perfumes. Naturally, in the love story, there has always been an aroma in the air. The enveloping, intense and affirming aroma of oud wood. The essence from time immemorial has created an indecipherable oriental mystery.

The cost of this raw ingredient, the essential oil of oud, oscillates between fifteen and sixty thousand Euros per litre and there are many different varieties. This is why Jordi and Beatrice travelled to Indonesia, Cambodia, Vietnam and Thailand until they finally found the exceptional quality of oil needed to make their perfume, one that would create an intensely affirming effect on the soul – something recognized in the ancient scriptures of the Far East.

The oud of Laos, used in Noir de Mars, rests on a rich and intense base of leather, myrrh, sandalwood, gurjun and amyris, enveloped in a halo of amber and spiced animal notes.

That is why fortune lives in the heart of the wearer.

Olfactive description:

  • woody: oudh from Laos, gaïac wood and santal, cyperus scariosus roots...

  • spicy: leather notes, myrra, gurjum...

  • woody-smoky: amyris Haiti, amber…

To find out more about the painter who made the engraving of the box: Jordi Trullàs